Hola,it's Dzign! (:


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    Hola,it's Dzign! (:

    Post  Dzign on Mon Aug 29, 2011 7:15 am

    Hola! My name is Dzign. Smile
    I am from the USA. bounce
    I play the Clarinet in my School's Band,but I wish I played the Flute. Exclamation
    I like Colours,especially Tropical colours,like Orange. Smile
    I love to Dance,but I don't take Dancing Classes. My fave type of Dance is Dubstep. I love you
    Speaking of which,I love Dubstep music. I love you
    My fave foods are anything Mexican,or Italian. But my fave fruit just happens to be a Granny Smith Apple. I love you
    My fave drink is Iced Chai Tea,but I also love Water.
    My fave Animal is a Butterfly,their very pretty. flower

    scratch And yea,that's all about me. My name in Apple is Dzign,if I ever see you,I usually speak. I love to meet new people.

    -See you in Apple! Smile

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