Apple Hotel Yearly awards!


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    Apple Hotel Yearly awards!

    Post  Sophie on Fri Aug 26, 2011 9:45 pm

    So yeah it says what it dose on the Tin.
    I got bored and have decided to host an award ceremony on the 1st of September.
    There will be 10 awards:
    Best Admin,
    Best Radio Dj,
    Kindest person on Apple,
    Best room maker,
    Best Boys look on Apple,
    Best girls look on apple,
    Most active user,
    Best event maker on apple,
    Most helpful Girl,
    Most helpful boy.
    Please fill this out and send it to my forum inbox, DO NOT post to this thread as the voting is meant to be secret, tah (:
    P.s Since I am hosting I cant not be voted for, and if you believe we should have another award please tell me why.
    Tah, enjoy and remember 1st of September no time yet..<3

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